Date: 22/04/2020

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Digital Strategy 101 introduction

  • Using definitions loosely to weave a story
  • Basic take on specialised fields and heavily funded application.
  • Digital a subset of organisational strategy
  • Trojan Horse
  • Planning on how to use digital to support the campaign strategy.
  • Resources are limited
  • Detail is in context.. but think about it
  • Fighting for attention (google design ethicist)


★ Defining digital goals

  • Sounds simple
  • Most plans are not clear
  • The reference for all strategy, debate spend and focus
  • Swiss army knife vs bread knife

Exercise: Define your goals

This will give us examples to discuss on what appropriate goals should look like



✩ Target Audience(s)

  • Who do you want to talk to
  • Swiss army knife communications – vague vs targeted
  • 54 YO male who lives in the city vs 14 YO alt gender who lives in regional Australia
  • Desires > fears > subcultures > language > FB targeting > social media platforms


✩ Current Audience

  • Who do you currently talk to vs target


✩ Network mapping

  • Use a wall or software such as mindmeister or spreadsheet. Links use
  • Influencers
  • Nodes – influence flow
  • Communities
  • Organisations
  • Allies
  • Platforms
  • Offline
  • Targets
  • Personal and my community – David Pocock
  • Competitors
  • Council example


★ Character personas

  • Its all about the people – Humanise data
  • Some other definitions: Vincent Xia | Xtensio
  • What keeps them up at night > desires > fears
  • Funded research vs educated guessing + testing

Exercise: Create one target persona


How – Creating the Journey

✩ Campaign Phases/streams

  • Garden – prep – seedlings – growth – harvest – annuals/perenials
  • ICAN – Launch 2009 | 2011 | 2019 | Now | Now – local
  • ActionSkills- soft launch, brand, build content, trickle some work >  major launch

✩ Service design

  • Service design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between the service provider and its customers. Wikipedia
  • Planning components of a service to improve quality of interaction
  • Digital Service Design – infrastructure (assets > website, blog, social media etc), communication (publishing/conversations) and material (content)
  • Digital a subset of organisational strategy > offline may be key
  • Old fashioned service


✩ User journey and pathways

  • Homework – deconstruct service design in your life. Question how you are behaving and feeling.
  • Supermarket – Fresh food people – milk at the back, opposite ends – impuse buy –  lighting –  nag factor
  • Macdonalds – Service example >  Future Restaurant | Sprintvalley
  • Websites – sitemaps > landing pages > functionality > graphic design > imagery/copy > platforms


✩ Central Node Concept


Glenn Todd
  • 20 years commercial website development experience
  • Extensive NFP, campaigning and NVDA experience
  • 6 years teaching experience including at RMIT university
  • Winner of 2019 Connectingup NFP Technology Lifetime Service Award
  • Helped launch ICANW, the campaign that won a Nobel Peace Prize
  • More details see

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