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Learn the tech fundamentals and tools to grow a successful grassroots campaign

Fast track your skills from novice to awesome. Glenn will teach you how to use the internet as a marketing platform that will produce results. Make beautiful websites and systems that actually work, resonate with your audience and generate results.

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Do you want geek super powers to help your cause, campaign and income?

Digital is both the most under resourced as well as the most effective tool of contemporary campaigning.

Until recently only the mega organisations could afford the tech. Now the game is changing fast and quality tech is getting much easier. It is now in the reach of small independent grass roots groups.

Now is the time to step up.

Glenn has been refining his training to make it assessable to non-techical people. He has run many training events, skillshares and lectured at RMIT. During this time he has developed and refined a commercial course covering many aspects of building websites and digital campaigning.

And he is giving it away for free.

Yep. All of it.

Every webinar = FREE

One action packed webinar at a time.

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 2:00pm Starting on the 22th of April.

And he isn’t holding anything back

Want to know why is Glenn giving this away for free? Well… he will go through that later during his strategy sessions.



Glenn Todd

  • 20 years commercial website development experience
  • Extensive NFP, campaigning and NVDA experience
  • 6 years teaching experience including at RMIT university
  • Winner of 2019 Connectingup NFP Technology Lifetime Service Award
  • Helped launch ICANW, the campaign that won a Nobel Peace Prize
  • More details see