Actionskills and this website is in draft mode


We empower small groups grow their organisations and campaigns.

We aim to provide cost neutral solutions. meaning our systems allow you to raise more money than they cost, leaving you to focus on the important work for your cause.



We have assembled the finest selection of proven internet based software that will enable your group to leverage efficencies and allow scalable growth.

  • Communicate
  • Collaborate
  • Manage People
  • Fundraise
  • Account
  • Report

We call this collection our Tech Stack and it is detailed here* (coming soon).



We provide skilled people to run the systems and we train up your people and volunteers to also manage the systems independently, drive your campaigns and scale the change you are working on.

Alternatively we offer a monthly fee to manage everything for you.



  1. Develop your Digital Strategy
  2. Install and configure your Tech Stack
  3. Run your social media and build your audience
  4. Recruit volunteers from your audience
  5. Train and mentor your staff and volunteers
  6. Run a fundraising campaign to raise the money to cover costs



We are in prototype phase and are currently designing our pricing structures. We are working on numbers that would include approximate budget of $6000 over a six month partnership.

Monthly fees will depend on the specifics of software and services supplied.


Lets get started

We are currently working on our systems and are not ready to take on clients. Contact us with any questions.