When we build a website, we implement basic performance before we hand websites over to clients. 


We approach building websites for speed by minimising large files such as fonts and images. We optimise all files for speed before adding these to your website.

We recommend that you always optimise images and media before uploading them to your website. We recommend learning and usingĀ  Photoshop (advanced), Photoshop Elements, Canva or Affinity Photo if you work with media regularly. Here is our list of free image editing software


When a webpage is downloaded, it is built everytime by the software and plugins, slowing your site. Caching involves making a copy of the finished page and serving that instead. This increases the speed of your website and is recommended for all websites.

We cache all of our client sites before handing them over using Litespeed (basic configuration) if available on your host or WPfastest cache.

Speed testing

We use webpagetest.org to test the site performance issues and areas that can be improved.

We also have a list of speed testing tools

Advanced performance

Optimising for the fastest possible speed takes time and care. We offer this as an additional service and are expert in making WordPress fast.