Working together to create positive change

Our Life’s Work

We are working towards systems and services that can provide low cost services to the groups on the ground who are creating massive change with a fraction of the resources that the big organisations enjoy.

Tech and support is the most important component in creating positive change, as outlined in the Philanthropy: Towards a Better Practice Model report.

Social Enterprise

We have been running as a social enterprise since 2000, using profits from our commercial work to fund our pro bono and grassroots activist work.

By using our commercial services, you are directly funding our probono grassroots work, as well as our training programs.

See our pro bono work here

Multidisplinary campaign experience


Positive solutions

Worked with many solutions focused groups building websites, developing digital strategy and helping with tech platforms.

Political Systems

Worked with various left political parties and campaigns to help grow audience and voter reach.


Worked with many grassroots groups and campaigns on various roles, ranging from events logistics and community organising, to on the ground support.


We provide a range of digital technology for grassroots and non-profits, including free hosting and support services for over 30 grassroots groups.


We are artists and creatives, and use this in our communication work for positive change, as well as connecting other artists into the campaign network. 


Experience working with Sustainable Business Practices presenting the business case for sustainability to CEO’s and corporate board members.

Video excerpt from Black Hole Documentary by JOAO DUJON PEREIRA 

Non Violent Direct Action

Stopping the money is always the strategic priority for preventing destructive projects, however when the machines are on the ground, then civil disobedience is needed. We’ve worked on the ground supporting many campaigns. 

For example, we worked with Frontline Action on Coal during the Leard campaign and in the early days of the Stop Adani campaign, setting up the first base camp, the first few direct actions and setting up secure digital systems for remote support and social media.

Leading up and during the Close Pine Gap event, we coordinated the media collective, resulting in very diverse radical groups working under one unified brand and broadcasting systems.