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Glenn from ActionSkills is a delightful Master Geek. His approach logically and systematically demystifies all things internet in the context of strategic, goal-focused communications. Combining simple language with storytelling flair, Glenn is an exceptional educator and I most highly recommend his web design courses.

Deborah Hart

Author of Guarding Eden, co-founder and co-director of CLIMARTE, ClimActs & LIVE

Glenn from ActionSkills is a good presenter, he is very knowledgeable and gave us lots of useful information and skills, particularly with social media

Cate Adams

Digital Campaigner: Friends of the Earth FNQ

In three days I learned not only how to use WordPress, but also about broader elements including design, security and future trends that resulted in a deeper understanding of all things IT.

Glenn’s way of facilitating is to empower you with knowledge, presenting options and challenges to guide you to make your own decisions and to learn by doing.

I learned much more than I thought possible in a short period of time, enjoyed shared learnings with other participants, and came away armed with knowledge and skills that have enriched my life.
Thank you Glenn.

Sally Berger

Administration Support Officer VST at Ambulance Victoria

I highly recommend Glenn from ActionSkills, his knowledge about this arena is vast and based in practical application. And as importantly his intentions are to support community by building their capacity to flourish.

Im lucky enough to be trained by Glenn in wordpress and online strategy. His training is well structured , practical and caters to a diverse audience, always responsive to their needs and level of experience. I highly recommend his training programs

Maria Simonelli

Partnership Facilitator

Glenn/ActionSkills/digital apprenticeship training introduced me to a new world of ideas and skills that I applied in media and online campaigning. The training gave me a great framework for how to learn digital skills which started me on the path of providing website support and training for other activists, and starting my own business in web design.
Ruben Rubens

Comms for Community

Thanks very much, Glenn, for so generously sharing your expertise with the Knitting Nannas today! I learned heaps and am really inspired to put it into practice. Watch out, world, here come the Knitting Nannas!! Thanks again, Glenn!
Margaret Scheidler

Knitting Nannas Against Gas

Glenn from ActionSkills did a great job of desmystifying online strategy through experiential workshop design and I feel more than ready to apply the skills I learned from this short yet intensive training. Highly recommended.

Helen Cox


Doing a couple of days worth of training with ActionSkills last year was all I needed to build and launch my own website. Cannot recommend this down to earth advice enough, particularly when it comes to digital strategy!

Aidan Kempster

Scientist, Writer, Educator

Glenn from ActionSkills knowledge is infinite, his training methods are concise, very time efficient yet extremely thorough. He is very personable, provides the perfect learning environment and always provides a comprehensive answer to any question. I highly recommend Glenn to anyone considering participating in any of his training courses.

Glenn knows his work inside out. He is an exceptionally capable and personal trainer. He has a strong learning pace so much content is covered providing great value for money whilst all participant skill levels are catered for.

Dan Purdey

Professional Facilitator Trainer + Actor + Scientist

As well as being clever and skilled he is a helluva lovely guy! A pleasure to be around and very good with dynamics and people. Highly recommended.

Liz Remmerswaal Hughes

Peace Worker/Campaign and Communications Consultant

During ActionSkills three day WordPress training I went from not know the first thing about web design to having the confidence to build a website for our new cooperative cleaning business. The emphasis on strategy as well as the technical aspects was great, and is helping us build a website that won’t just look awesome, but be functional and user friendly too.

Eleanor Coffey

Redgum Cleaning Cooperative

Glenn from ActionSkills is a massive computer nerd and thats why he is an excellent person to learn wordpress or any computer related subject off. He offers in-depth insights into the virtual world and breathes life into what would otherwise be an incredibly boring subject. Thanks a lot Glenn for sharing your expertise and guiding us through the ins and outs of webdesign.

Nimai Dawe

Glenn from ActionSkills does some great IT training for Knitting Nannas Against Gas. Nanna hugs!

Louise M. Somerville

Knitting Nannas Against Gas