Managed and optimised WordPress

After a lot of work, we have our new hosting system in place.

This website is optimised on many levels. If you plan on installing any plugins or doing development, please review our system outline to understand what is setup and understand the rules we have in place.

We are unable to provide any official support. We spend a lot of probono time managing this system and do not have the resources for personal support. We would love it, if you helped to organise a support collective.

This is system is "use at your own risk". If your website is "business critical", we recommend moving to supported hosting.

Recommended Plugins

Use the least amount of plugins as possible. Each plugin can introduce performance and security issues.

Banned Plugins

  • Mail list plugins such as WP Mailing List
  • Please use our recommend backup tool. See backup tab for more info
  • Please use our recommend cache tool. It is optimised for this specific server setup
  • Do not install security plugins. We have the system secured and installing additional software may cause unknown conflicts and security holes.
  • Please do install anything that scans the file directory as this is processor heavy and will slow our systems. This includes security scanners, virus/malware checkers, link checkers etc etc. Refer to the security tab for more info on security scanning. If you want to do a link check use an external link checker:


ActionSkills manages the updating of the WordPress software, plugins and themes. If you are experiencing issues and there are updates available, go ahead and update the software.

We usually do these update on Mondays. Sometime more if there are major updates.


We do not use a security plugin, as we manually apply the security features. This increases performance and security.

Do not install security plugins. We have the system secured and installing additional software may cause unknown conflicts and security holes.


We have done a lot of work customising this WordPress install to be very fast. This includes server configuration and WordPress optimisation

Here is the Lighthouse testing results of our development website:

Manual Backups

  • These use the "BackupBuddy" plugin. We will be replacing BackupBuddy with UpdraftPlus premium around May, 2021
  • Do not setup automated backups with these plugins as they will slow your website and waste space. We have plenty of automated backups.
  • Are only performed before and/or after major upgrades or changes to the site or if you want to download your own backup copy.
  • These backups can also be sent to our seperate AWS S3 backup account. This will be replaced with google shared drive when we transition to using UpdraftPlus.

Automated Backups

  • All Cpanel accounts (including your wordpress) are backed up daily, weekly and monthly to our AWS Litesail account.
  • These backups are duplicated on a seperate AWS S3 instance.
  • Our entire Litesail setup is backed up to the seperate AWS S3 instance.
  • All WordPress sites are also backed up monthly to our ManageWp account.

System Email

Our AWS setup does not include email functionality. System Email is required for password resets and/or contact forms.

If you want system email, an alternative email system will need to be installed.

If you see the "Post SMPT" link at the bottom of the left navigation, your system email has probably been setup .


Our default Divi setup is optimised for accessibility passing the Lighthouse test with 100% and the 0 errors on the WAVE tool.

Test your content with the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool