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Managed security care plans for your website

We ensure your website is:

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Updated
  • Upgraded
  • Backed up
  • Synced with Google

Managed by ActionSkills, the trusted WordPress experts.

Website content

Updates and personal support

$30 monthly


Content support

  • Send us bits and pieces and we will update your site content
  • Want to do stuff yourself? We will show you how and help along the way

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WordPress performance

All your tech – sorted
$30 monthly & $150 setup



  • Create a disaster plan
  • Security lockdown
  • Secondary Backup setup and data storage
  • WPScan Security Scan
  • Speed optimisation – setup cache
  • Speed optimisation – create report
  • Google Analytics + Google webmaster tools + Google WP dashboard


  • Upgrade all software
  • Manual review any upgrade errors
  • Manual review any security errors
  • Fix minor issues


  • System test (eg contact forms)


  • Free use of all our commercial WP software licences

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Recommended bundle

Both packages

$45 monthly & $150 setup


  • Website content
  • WordPress performance

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      • Prices are for NFP organsisations only.
      • All plans are paid upfront for a 6 month period. Saves us both PM costs.
      • Content updates do not include a major content overhaul. This can be quoted seperately.
      • This service is for existing ActionSkills clients and sponsored groups on our hosting environment. We will consider supporting other NFP organisations and will need to review your setup to ensure it is best practice (or we can get it to best practice).  Contact us to discuss.

    Lone Wolf

    • If you would like to manage performance yourself,  we can charge the initial tech setup and then train you to manage ongoing upgrades.
    • Free use of all our commercial WP software licences: $100PA.