ActionNetwork Setup Package $450

Use Action Network to

  • Organize people to take action online and offline
  • Send mass email to recruit and mobilize new activists
  • Raise funds to fuel important work
  • More information

Our Basic Package includes

  • Basic configuration
  • Work with you to create a basic data mangement system using tags
  • Help you to connect Stripe (for payments)
  • Create a donation form
  • Set up an email subscription form
  • Create a basic email template based on your branding
  • Produce a list of recommended copy edits throughout system
  • Embed these forms into your website and optimise presentation
  • Import existing data
  • Show you how to manage contacts and create reports

You will need to

  • Create an account and upgrade (if needed) with ActionNetwork
  • Create and verify an account with Stripe

Please Note

This package is based on a basic setup for small campaign. i fyou have more complex needs, we are happy to isccus and provide a quote.