About ActionSkills

I formed Dvize Creative in 2000 and later upskill.coach which funded me to provide varied pro-bono services to many community groups as well as setup my own organisation ActionSkills.org. I could not get much momentum on Actionskills.org while balancing all the different components.

So i decided to merge everything into one to focus on providing services to the NPF sector where my heart and passions lay.

Dvize has been running as a social enterprise since the beginning in 2000 without certification or communicating much about it. ActionSkills will be a continueation of this while we figure out how to provide low cost services to those who need them while providing meaningful income to those working on various important campaigns.

After much discussion and process we decided to use the ActionSkills brand for the new social enterprise and will be retiring the other brands. While we sort the paperwork, we are still technically trading under the Dvize company as we migrate to a dual entity of ActionSkills.co providing paid services and ActionSkills.org providing free, sponsored and vollunteer services.

I am very interested in the Enspiral model and hope to grow enough to adapt this model so ActionSkills can be used to empower others around me and provide meaningful income for the people on the frontlines of saving our world.

We will attempt to mix a blend of volunteering and paid roles. It will be hard and we are making a lot of this up as we go along. We do have years of diverse experience behind us and have a deep understanding that the way things are being done today are not working to create change in the world. We believe that empowering individuals, diversity and the grassroots is where the big change will come from.

Lots of Love, Glenn Todd